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Last Weekend

I know it is entirely too late to be posting about last weekend. It is friday now. Sheesh, way too late. But it was a good one so I’m gonna do it anyway…

Last weekend was a weekend of firsts. It was Eleanor’s first time camping and seeing the ocean. It also rained the entire time until the last day when we went to the beach. It was quite the adventure, to say the least. We woke up to a puddle in our tent and I think I went through 3 pairs of socks in like a day. We considered staying at a hotel more than once…especially after that first horrible, horrible night. That night when Eleanor woke to nurse after a glorious 4 hour stretch I heard the loudest, most obnoxious snorring I’ve ever heard in my life. It wouldn’t stop…over and over again..slicing through the beautiful, quiet sounds of crickets and rain. Of all the times in my life…this had to happen now. Unless you’re a momma, this would be hard for you to fully understand. Sleep, not counting my daughter and husband, has become everything to me. Priceless, people. So while Eleanor had gone back fast to sleep…I lay there wide awake trying desperately to tune out that god-awful noise. I was this close to crying. Not even kidding. My husband even went over to the guy’s tent and asked him (politely) to roll over. That’s right, my husband wins husband of the year. He rolled over, but not more than 10 minutes later he started snorring again! (I feel bad for his wife and for him! How on earth would you ever get any good, deep sleep?) Thankfully, they left the next day so we didn’t have to endure another night of that madness. Anyway…it wasn’t the best start to our camping trip, but it makes for a good story, no? We went to the tillamook cheese factory since it was still raining and [I] didn’t eat any cheese OR ice cream (damn dairy intolerance), we built a few fires to spite the rain, went on a few walks by that beautiful river pictured below, hung out under the canopy with our friends, ate awesome food, and fell asleep to the rain in our cozy, damp tent. Which is the best sound to fall asleep to if you ask me. Really redeems the whole camping in the rain thing…

As you can see, Eleanor didn’t seem to mind the rain or snorring. She’s a real trooper that girl. She makes everything better…and worth it. Watching her enjoy the outdoors so much reminded me of this quote…

“I’ve sucked way too much cement for this year. Bad juju rising off them city sidewalks. I need to babble with a brook or two, inhale starlight, make friends with some trees.” –Tom Robbins

There will be much time spent away from the city and closer to trees this summer.

Yes sir, I think I’m going to enjoy experiencing firsts all over again.

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Mt. Tabor holds a special place in my heart. Always will. It was the first park in Portland I visited, and it was love at first sight. It’s big and rich with amazing, green, northwest life. It reminds me so much of where I grew up. I think it was that—the familiarity—that drew me to it. I had many a runs, walks, tears, laughs, picnics, prayers, sprained ankles…ok only one sprained ankle, but it was a bad one…on this beautiful, green mountain. I even slid down it on a massive block of ice once. Don’t ask.

There is something so grounding about being where you were raised—in the house filled with memories, the views that remind you of the thoughts you gave them, the early morning sounds that have changed so little with time, the voices and embraces of the familiar and intimate. I don’t get to go back to where I grew up very often so I’m glad I have Tabor. Just like when I leave my old home, when I leave Tabor I leave feeling a sense of liberation and gratitude for what was—all the brokenness included—and for what is. This last time I went with Eleanor and it made me ponder how to create a foundational home for her. A home she misses. A familiar, safe place she loves to retreat to when she needs a break from the life she’s made for herself…as awesome as I know it will be. Just somewhere she can always come back to. A place where she knows she doesn’t have to be anybody but Eleanor. A place where she knows she’ll be loved no matter what. I want to build a home like that for her. A home with a foundation that doesn’t move; a foundation that’s real.

P.S. Happy fourth months, sweet girl!

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A Weekend Miracle

So there was this weekend when it was sunny and a high of 80 degrees in APRIL…in PORTLAND, OREGON. It was nothing short of a miracle and I had to keep reminding myself it is in fact April, not July (meaning it will be rainy and high 50s again way too soon).

Yeah it was pretty great. Here are a few pics of it. Ok, mostly pictures of the sun and our beautiful baby.

Had to get a new bonnet for such a sunny day…She was fussing in this picture. Not sure she likes it.

Check out those thighs…

Yes, I get to look at this face everyday…

Little hands

We ended the weekend with tastiness: some sweet iced tea and homemade whole bowls (recipe to come)…

If you live in Portland I hope to God you were outside enjoying this miracle too.


P.S. stayed tuned for a new series of posts starting tomorrow!

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Weekend Bits

Here are some pictures of what we’ve been up to the past couple weekends. Lots of walks (since Eleanor decided she will only take naps longer than 10 minutes in the wrap), taking turns holding her while the other takes a shower or does the dishes, eating good food, celebrating our risen King, enjoying the flowers and warmer weather Spring brings, having a date on our living room floor, holding and smiling at Eleanor some more. Maybe it’s not much of a life, but its our life. And it’s all so absolutely amazing. It’s hard to remember what Daniel and I used to talk about before that day, May 30th of last year, when I looked down at that + on the pregnancy test.

Oh how we love her cheeks…both sets…

What Eleanor wore for her first Easter

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A Photo Diary, if you will…

Since I’ve been such a horrible blogger (which has hopefully made me a decent momma…), I wanted to give you all an update of this past month that I’ve been so absent here on the blog. Get ready for a ridiculous amount of pictures of you know who. I’m shameless when it comes to Eleanor

Especially her chubs! Every stranger that comes up to me when we’re out and about (and there are many by the way…) says either one of these two things:

1. “She’s adorable. Wow.” (Yes, my friends, I’ve gotten quite a few “wows”)

2. “How old is she? 3 months?”

I beam at both comments.

Poppa and El…

Watching them together is one of the best things in my whole world.

We went to the first farmer’s market of the season! Looking forward to more market-time this summer…local meats and cheeses, loads of fresh vegetables and summer fruits, pretty flowers, live music, eating tamales and those said fruits on the grass, in the warm sun.

So good.

And lots of this…

Thankfully I have these pretties to cheer me up…

Lots of friend dates…

And a few times this beautiful bright thing came and visited us…

Eleanor smiles a lot in general, but she smiles the most in the morning.

So this is what we do every morning…

Dirty dishes fill my sink, the bed is clearly not going to be made today, and it might be stir fry for dinner tonight, again

All because I’d rather smile back and forth at her all morning long. Those mornings are worth every dirty dish.

There has been way too much of this this month too…

I’m clearly not ready to get my butt into gear and lose my extra chubs. El decided to share some of hers with Momma.

But I guess that’s worth it too. I mean, come on, who could resist this face…

We did good, Daniel. Real good.


P.S. Posts will hopefully be more consistent soon, as Eleanor and I get the hang of this new (and very wonderful) life together.

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[iframe 500 281]


Advent at Imago is the best. Already looking forward to next year.

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Best Rendition of the Best Story Ever…

[iframe 500 281]


Have a very merry Christmas, my friends. I hope filled with lots of gratitude, hope, and celebrating. And maybe even some glow sticks.

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A Christmas Party

We went to a Christmas party last night. And got dressed up…

My husband wore a tie and I wore heels. And that my friends deserves all the spiked eggnog in the world.

Some peppermint bark will do though.

Love me some sparkly holiday nails

The second actual piece of maternity clothing I’ve purchased this whole pregnancy. Worth. Every. Penny. Other than the heels part, I’ve never felt more comfortable at a fancy holiday party.

Black lacy dress- {link url=""}asos{/link}

Can’t wait for next Christmas when this babes is on the outside.

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Christmas Card, 2011

We went to beautiful, snowy Mt. Hood this weekend with some friends and decided it was much too perfect of a setting to pass up snapping a few photos for our Christmas card this year. Yes, we realize we are cutting it WAY too close. Christmas really crept up on us this year. I mean really, can you believe it’s in 6 DAYS?! Nuts.

And the winner is…

Coat and hat- Anthropologie, Beige Sweater- Target, Black leggings- American Apparel, Green Wellington boots and boot socks- Hunter

Expect this in your mailbox after Christmas sometime. Fashionably late, right? It’s how us Christophers like to roll.

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Winter Funk

Photos by Anna Aden

For those of you who get sad in the winter (this post is for you, D)…

I tend to not really feel it until April…when it’s still raining.

But for those of you that start to feel these cold, dark, and often rainy days sooner, here are a few ways I have found help me crawl out of a hole and beat the funk. This season can be bright and happy! Promise.



  • Drink many cups of tea.


  • Phone a friend and ask them how they are.


  • Paint your nails red.


  • Host a movie night with friends.


  • Make chili with lots of sour cream (I’ll post my favorite recipe soon).


  • Light some candles. These are ah-mazing. My favorites are the mulled wine and warm gingerbread.



  • Go snow-shoeing or camp in a yurt in the mountains.


  • Drink some wine for me.


  • Build many fires if you’re lucky enough to have a fireplace.


  • Read a good novel by that said fire.


What do you guys do to beat the winter blues?

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