Mama Style: Round 3

Ok this outfit was from like a month ago actually (Eleanor is so much bigger already! Stop growing little girl, you’re breakin’ momma’s heart) but I still wear the heck out of these green pants and that chambray. And Eleanor is still rockin’ the cardigan. Chambray’s are forever. So classic and go with everything. And green pants, well what’s not to love about green pants? Colored denim. One of the best trends yet in my opinion. Such an easy, comfortable way to punch up an outfit.

We always seem to do these shoots at the end of the day when she’s sleepy and clearly not amused by our shenanigans…

Excuse me while I drool over my daughter’s cheeks…and they’ve only gotten bigger, folks.

Chambray: American Apparel

Green denim (AG jeans): Anthropologie (last year, but lots of new fun denim this year too!)

Lips: American Apparel

And in case you’re wondering…

Eleanor’s Cardigan and stripes: American Apparel

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