Coconut Oil: The One Hit Wonder

Coconut Oil Beauty

The other night when I was rubbing coconut oil on my face, my nightly ritual that I swear by, I discovered another magical thing coconut oil can do…


Just when I thought I couldn’t love coconut oil any more than I already do, it goes and removes my mascara too! It was amazing. Often times I find makeup remover is either expensive or harsh on my skin. But this natural oil removed my makeup gently (none of that awful burning, raw, irritated feeling), effectively, and has a very inexpensive price tag. I usually purchase mine at Trader Joe’s for a whopping $5.99.

All you have to do is smooth a dollop (a little dab goes a long way) of the stuff over your eyes and rub it in a bit. It broke down my mascara in a flash. 

If you’re not already nuts for this miracle oil, then it’s high time you see what all the fuss is about. Coconut oil can be used for, quite possibly, everything—from cooking to skincare to diaper rash. I recently was told it’s an awesome shaving cream too?!

This stuff is liquid gold, my friends. Liquid gold.

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