Beauty Secrets 07: Ilana Kohn

Ilana Kohn

Photo by Dustin Fenstermacher

 I’m pinching myself over this next beauty secret’s post. Ilana Kohn is one of my favorite textile and clothing designers. The jumpsuit I’m wearing in the picture on the right on my website is by her. It was one of my favorite, go-t0 pieces up until real winter cold hit and I got pregnant. I love her colorful, bold prints and how clean and relaxed the structure of her pieces are. Everything she creates is not only beautiful but totally wearable. I love the nod to the 60’s you see in all her amazing patterns, and how easy and un-fussy her clothes are.  I have a feeling I’ll be shamelessly living in her new spring collection all spring and summer.

Needless to say when I (on a complete whim) reached out to her and asked if she’d be a part of this series and she said yes, I was floored. I feel so humbled and excited to bring you Ilana’s down-to-earth beauty secrets and a peek at a few of my favorite pieces from her gorgeous new spring collection…

What is your beauty routine? 
My mom was never very into make-up but she was absolutely fanatical about skin care! She passed this on to me pretty early on. I’ve washed my face first thing in the morning & before bed and worn moisturizer with SPF religiously, as long as I can remember. I’d like to think it’s paid off over the years? I use Clinique foaming cleanser (the pink tube) and Aveeno Calming Cream for moisturizer (it has SPF 15). I have insanely sensitive eczema + acne prone skin so I keep it pretty straight forward and fuss-free with the products. Been using both of those products for years!

What are two beauty products that have changed your life and you can’t live without? Please explain why.
I’ve always struggled with zits so I consider myself something of an aficionado when it comes to concealers. After having tried almost everything under the sun, Lancome Maquicomplet remains my favorite. Great coverage without looking cakey! I also love Vincent Longo lip stain. Don’t leave the house without it. I’m also a huge fragrance nut. I have about 7 different MCMC scents that I change up depending on my mood/season.

Ilana Kohn Amira Dress

Ilana Kohn Gary jumpsuit

How would you describe your personal style?
Super relaxed bordering on slovenly.

What are your go-to clothing brands?
I wear a lot of my own stuff! But in addition to that, I love me a good pair of vintage Levis and any ratty old tee shirt I can get my hands on.

Ilana Kohn Nico Pants

Ilana Kohn jersey maxi dress

 As a clothing designer, being immersed in the fashion world, I’m curious, do you have an overall belief or philosophy about beauty?

That it’s all in the way a person carries themselves. Confidence and self assurance are inherently beautiful. And there is no right or wrong to fashion in my opinion. If it feels good, it’s right.

Thank you so much, Ilana! I will be ordering that lip stain ASAP, and your answer to that last question was beautiful and so on-point. If I wasn’t a big enough fan and admirer before, I most certainly am now. xx

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