The Clothing You Buy Should Cost Enough to Make You Sweat A Little…

Electric Feathers

When I first saw the new FW15 collection by Electric Feathers I thought to myself, “I need a legit reason to wear that gold lamé dress right now.” But actually, you know what, you should be able to wear gold lamé whenever you like. In fact, why not go full jumpsuit while you’re at it. That rope dress pictured above is also something else. This is all, of course, out of my price range but it’s nice to dream and admire and be inspired…

Speaking of inspiration and clothes, it’s clothes like these that remind me of a goal I’ve been aiming and working toward for the past couple years now: paring down my closet and steering clear of fast-fashion (thankfully my 1923 house has the teensiest closets and doesn’t allow for an exorbitant amount of clothes). This, of course, means no $20 pair of jeans. Everything I look at costs enough that it causes me to seriously hesitate…which is good. It forces me to think about just how much I want that item of clothing, how much I’ll wear it, and whether I think the value it offers is worth a significant cost. It’s been a good challenge that forces me to buy less and waste less, which in turn has positive impacts on the environment and the workers who make these goods.

I also love buying second-hand, vintage, eBay, and from companies like this to get quality goods at a more affordable price.

What about you guys? How do you handle this topic? Where do you shop? Why? I would love to hear your thoughts!

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