One Of The Best Pizzas Of My Life

Rosemary Red Onion Pizza

We have two rosemary bushes in our yard that I swear are as big as I am. In an effort to keep them from taking over my yard I’ve been scouring the internets and cookbooks for ways to use the stuff. I definitely use it in my cooking but these bushes are so big I need to be using it like everyday in like everything for awhile.

This past week we’ve┬ámade rosemary chicken noodle soup, the most divine rosemary shortbread cookies, and then just a couple nights ago we made this rosemary, red onion pizza with italian sausage: aka, the BEST PIZZA OF MY LIFE. It was so, so good you guys. We used this recipe from Food 52 as our base recipe and then adapted it. How we adapted…

  • We added italian sausage to it. Duh.
  • We used a bag of New Seasons’ pre-made pizza dough for our crust. It’s amazing. And easy.
  • And we did a white sauce instead of a red sauce. I’m normally a hard-core red sauce person, but this white sauce my husband made turned me into a believer. He used this recipe, but substituted two cloves of minced garlic instead of onion (since the main topping for this pizza is red onions) and added freshly ground pepper and half cup Parmesan after all the milk…Yeah, it’s definitely a recipe that will meet all your New Years Resolution goals.

Now go, treat yourself this weekend to a bottle of wine and this delicious pizza. It will change your life. You’re welcome.

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