An “Entryway”

Entryway Style Board

When you live in a small 90 year old bungalow house in the city, there’s really no such thing as an entryway. There’s a door, yes, and the act of entering the house, certainly, but an entryway? Not really. Regardless, it’s nice to nod to the idea of one. Gathered here are a few things I wouldn’t mind including in the space closest to our door. Most desperately needed? A credenza. If I have to walk across the room to set my keys on our built-in book shelves and see that awful pile of junk front-and-center in our living room one more time I might lose my mind…

…Patience. A virtue I’m slowly, and painfully, learning as a homeowner. The laundry list is looooong and never-ending, my friends. For now, I’ll just make a bunch of style boards like these and keep dreamin’.

What do you do for an entryway? Do any of you actually have one?! What items/furniture are must-haves for yours?

(Credenza, stool for sitting to put on shoes, split leaf philodendron and air plants to warm up the credenza, killer lamp, kilim runner)

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