How To Frame Large Art: On The Cheap

Framing on the cheap

Framing is e-x-p-e-n-s-i-v-e. Am I right, or am I right? Especially for larger pictures or pieces of art. I have quite a few big, tall walls in my home and have all these wild dreams of filling them with huge pieces of beauitful art and pictures of our family. The problem is I’ll have to sell my soul and maybe even my daughter to afford them, turns out. Needless-to-say, I am constantly trying to figure out how frame on the cheap. I’ve gathered quite a few ideas from around Pinterest, other people’s homes, blogs, and even some of my favorite shops around town. For starters, I thought I’d share one of the first cheap framing projects I did when we moved into our house…

Framing on the cheap

I have been obsessed with this Oregon map since forever ago, I just never had walls or a space big and tall enough to accommodate it appropriately…. Until we bought our house a year and half ago. I jumped on my chance and finally got it. After realizing the task of framing the thing was going to cost me a fortune, I knew I was going to have to get creative.

I love this simple, open way of framing. I saw all over Portland, in coffee shops and boutiques, and one day decided to try my hand at making it myself. Thankfully, this framing is as simple to make as it looks (it’s surprising how often that isn’t the case, no?). DIY Framing for big pieces of art

Above are all the supplies you will need…

  • Wood molding, from Home Depot. You will need four pieces altogether. I got two long pieces and had the guy there cut them for me to the size I needed for the map. The two big pieces cut ended up making the four pieces I needed. You want the wood a bit longer than the map (about an inch longer), so make sure to account for that.
  • Wire, to hang your art. Any sturdy, malleable wire will do. I got some on the thinner side because I liked the way it looked.
  • Wood stain, to stain and finish the wood molding. I got a walnut stain. Honestly, this was the most time consuming part. It takes a few days to stain wood just because it needs to dry fully and you will most likely need a few coats. I definitely did because I wanted the stain to be dark.
  • Screw Eye Hooks. You will need these to screw into the top of the frame and attach your wire to to hang.
  • Velcro. This is optional. This is only necessary if you wanted to be able to switch out the art later.
  • Wood glue, for the velcro or the art itself if you skip the velcro.
  • A big picture or piece of art.

Step-by-Step Instructions

First you want to stain your wood pieces. Follow the instructions given on the stain closely and make sure to let the stain dry completely. Then, if you’re using velcro, cut the velcro to fit the molding exactly. Next, place the velcro to the inside of your wood pieces and along the edge of the bottom and top of your art. Place your picture in between the two pieces of wood on the top and bottom and press velcro together. The bottom side of the velcro is sticky and will stick to the wood and your picture. However, to reinforce the velcro, I used the wood glue on the pieces of velcro that go on the wood itself. I just stuck the velcro on the picture normally so I can easily remove it if I want to replace the map with something different someday. If you are not using velcro, simply glue your picture to the pieces of wood.

Now screw in the screw eye hooks to one of the pieces of wood at the top of your picture. I placed mine about 14 inches in, on either side. Lastly, cut a piece of wire and attach one end of the wire to one eye hook and then the other end of the wire to the other eye hook. Hammer a nail into the  desired spot on your wall and hang up that gorgeous picture in that gorgeous frame you just made!

How do you guys frame your art and pictures? Any other affordable ways I need to know about? Would LOVE to hear!

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