Art Wall Of My Dreams

Pegboard Art Wall

Over the past couple weeks my husband and I installed this arts and crafts wall, aka the wall of my dreams. I first saw the idea here and shamelessly stole it ASAP. Our arts and craft supply situation was driving me batty — a bottomless abyss of bins that were a complete mess and totally unusable. We could never find anything, didn’t ever know what we had or didn’t have and I would end up just leaving a mess of random supplies on our breakfast nook table for Eleanor. At least that way she could see some of what she had and would be inspired to make art and occupy herself happily. But the mess of supplies on the table I knew wasn’t sustainable. Between my neat-freak self and actually needing the space on the table to eat, etc., it was not a permanent solution. So when I saw this brilliant idea, it was like angels, choruses,  all the stars aligning, the whole thing.

I feel like when you come across an idea this good, it must be shared. So, without further adieu, read on for my how-to process in putting together the wall…

Pegboard Art Wall

First we measured the space in our breakfast nook where we wanted the wall to be and then made our trip to Home Depot. The sheet of pegboard at Home Depot cost $15 and the fine gentlemen there helped me trim it to size for free. I wanted it to be framed so it would look intentional and finished, so I grabbed four lengths of thin, wood molding and had him trim those for me as well. Then, when I got home, I spray painted them gold along with all the hardware you see on the board. I used the extra pieces of molding leftover (after they were cut to size) to mount the pegboard onto. Daniel framed out where the pegboard would be on the wall using the extra pieces of molding, then nailed the pegboard to the wooden frame on the wall. Then he nailed the 4 spray painted pieces of molding around the pegboard to frame it. I’m sorry I don’t have pictures of the process! Totally spaced documenting it!

Pegboard Art Wall

Because craft time is always better sans-pants. It’s how we roll around here.

As far as all the items/materials on the wall, I’ve listed them below. And, unless otherwise mentioned, items are hung with hooks from these pegboard kits.

Pegboard art wall

I love this pegboard with my whole heart—it has been a lifesaver. Eleanor can easily find what she needs (and put it back in its proper place!) and the vertical storage is a great space saver. No more bins hiding away in the closet filled to the brim with a mess of craft supplies driving me nuts. Eleanor can access it herself and because it’s visible and so accessible, there’s an art project going on at all hours of the day now. I love that so much. Daniel loves it too, so much so that I’m going to have reign him in from hanging pegboard on every available surface in the house.

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