One Tiiiiny Part of Our Kitchen Remodel is Complete?!

Kitchen Remodel-Breakfast nook built-ins

In February we started the work of remodeling our kitchen. We knew it would be a slow process as we are doing some of the work ourselves and still saving more funds as we go. But, as remodel’s usually go, we came across some major wrenches (aka, the dumb chimney taking up precious space in our teensy kitchen that needs to go) that are going to cost us more time and money than we originally thought…

The first part we tackled was opening up the doorway from the living room to the kitchen (pictures to come, still unfinished). Part of opening up that doorway was taking out a ridiculously deep, inefficient pantry. Though we are SO much happier with a more open floor plan we had nowhere but the floor in our breakfast nook to store our pantry items (as you can see in the before picture above on the left). To maintain some level of sanity and reduce as much chaos as you can during a kitchen renovation, we decided to make the dream of built-in benches with storage and a table in our breakfast nook happen sooner than later. There is storage in the benches and is temporarily holding all of our pantry items until we can get more cabinets put in the kitchen.

Breakfast nook

A before picture of the space without our free standing table and two chairs and all the pantry-craziness. We knew that we wanted to do built-in benches and a table since our dining room isn’t located directly off of the kitchen and we do a lot of hanging out in the kitchen. We wanted a space where all three of us (soon to be four!) could hang out, eat, do crafts, etc. It is a fairly small space, as well as the rest of our kitchen, and we knew that having built-in benches and a table would maximize the space and make the rest of our kitchen feel much bigger also.

Breakfast nook table in process

Though demo work, painting, and other smaller chunks of remodel work is something we feel confident doing ourselves, we aren’t as confident when it comes to finishing work and fine carpentry skills. We decided to hire a professional to do the built-ins and could not be happier with that decision. I went on a hunt for general contractors, carpenters, etc. and ended up landing on Tall Firs Building Company. We got lucky and caught them during an unexpected lull in a bigger project they are working on and they were able to fit us in. I’m crossing my fingers we’ll get so lucky again in the near future and be able to use them for other portions of our kitchen remodel. Kipp, the owner of Tall Firs, was wonderful to work with. He was professional, worked with our budget, super efficient (completed this project in two days!) and is a crazy-talented craftsman.

The picture above is of the benches (in the background) and stunning cedar table in the process of being stained and treated. My husband and I still marvel at the table and how seamless and beautiful it is. That is not one piece of pre-made wood, Kipp bound the wood together himself and made it totally from scratch.

Breakfast nook built-ins

Ahhh, so much better!

Built-ins in breakfast nook

We ogle it daily and are excited to be one step further in the long process of re-doing our kitchen. I’ll tell you one thing I’m learning A LOT about patience and how much it really does pay off.

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