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We’ve sloooowly been getting rugs for our house. We finally got one for the living room (this one) and it feels like pure luxury (I waited so long for a good sale to get it). I swear Eleanor is much more content playing by herself all of a sudden because of it. She has a place to sit and play with her toys and June to lay and roll around comfortably. It’s amazing how one seemingly small addition to a room can make all the difference. I also recently got a few rugs for Eleanor’s room too, fingers crossed it makes her room a more inviting place to play in now too. Her room was a little harder for me to figure out the right rug for because it has a lot of weird angles and walls. In the end, a lovely soft flokati round rug was the way to go and a darling handmade, wool rug like this one, only a badger, for right by her bed.

Now I’m on the hunt for a colorful kilim rug for our spare room. It’s a small-ish room, at least for all that we use it for. It’s our workhorse room. It’s an office, where our projector is for movie/tv show watching/wii playing, and a guest bedroom (our couch in there turns into a bed). The walls are all painted white, the desk in there is mostly white and some light-stained wood, and the sofa-bed is a charcoal grey color. There are a few colorful pillows on the couch, and some green plants in there as well, but mostly it’s a neutral room. This is why I was thinking a colorful kilim rug might be nice. The key is big enough, soft enough, and not having to sell a limb to afford it…

I’ve been looking on overstock, ebay, eSale rugs, and kaya kilims mostly…

Where do you guys look for rugs? I would LOVE more ideas!

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