And Let the Holidays Begin…

My husband’s birthday kicked off the holiday week. I surprised him with a dinner party featuring homemade sushi, individual, seasonal pies from Pie Spot, friends, and lots of sake. I think he felt mighty celebrated.

Below was my very own concoction. I called it “Spicy Birthday Surprise.” Tempura shrimp, spicy mayo sauce, cream cheese, and strips of jalapeno. Apparently I’m better at creating sushi rolls than naming them.

Next up on the crazy schedule was decorating for the Advent season at my church, Imago Dei Community. I partnered with the amazing Karyn Thurston, who was responsible for the dream of this killer pallet wood wall.

The whole¬†shebang…Minus the Christmas tree.

Communion Tables…

Needless to say, it was an honor to be apart of the challenge and joy of making our sanctuary a beautiful place and experience where people would be drawn into the story of Christ this season.

Then it was on to massive amounts of baking and cooking…

Bourbon Pecan Pie. ‘Nuff said.

Yep. We were responsible for this 22 lb. beast this year.

The Spread

Baked Alaska for Daniel and his Dad’s birthday. My mother-in-law is PHENOMENAL with the sweets.

Double-decker Pumpkin cheesecake. Brother-in-law wins big time for this. We’ve been eating it all weekend.

Off to a hike in the Gorge with the husband and my Dad to work off everything you just saw.

And what better way to end the thanksgiving week than with a trip to the Christmas tree farm…

Daniel feeling awkward. Poor boy didn’t grow up celebrating Christmas. I’m working on him. Next years picture is gonna blow this one out of the water.

And this, my friends, is a picture of a pro-Christmas tree picture taker. And a 30 week pregnant belly (I can hardly believe it…10-ish weeks and we get to meet this sweet little person!).

Chunky sweater- vintage, chambray button down- h&m, Skinny jeans- Gap maternity (they're AMAZING), scarf- Pendelton via Anthropologie, Frye boots

It’s clearly been eventful around here and SO blessed. Much to be thankful for indeed. I’m beside myself.

I hope your holidays are off to a very blessed start too.

p.s. Thanks for being patient with me and my lack of posts this last week. Be prepared for an onslaught of posts in the upcoming weeks that have been brewing in my mind to make up for it.

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3 comments on “And Let the Holidays Begin…
  1. Daniel says:

    Great post babes! I can’t believe that we made it through the craziness of birthday and Advent preparations. The sanctuary at Imago seriously looks amazing; you and Karyn did such a good job! Thanks for an amazing birthday and a tasty homemade sushi dinner :)

  2. Mari says:

    Ambs, serious props to you for the sanctuary. Truly amazing. YOU are amazing.

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