Easter Weekend Bits

-Art by Kari Dunham. Hanging on my church’s walls. Perfect for a Good Friday.

Mouth-watering Thai food and desserts from Jade Teahouse and Patisserie. A current addiction. I never thought I’d ever trust a place that claims to specialize in two completely different things. So believe me I was skeptical of this place. Until I learned that the owner was in fact Vietnamese, has lived in different parts of SE Asia, including Thailand, and studied French baking at a culinary school in France. Enough said.

Macarons. Specifically hibiscus, salted white chocolate, passion fruit, and raspberry macarons. Mmmm, heaven. I always thought these were called macaroons, but I was thoroughly confused by that because I thought macaroons were more chocolatey and always had some kind of coconut involved. Well, come to find out I was right about the latter and SO completely off on their name.

Pretties at the adorable Tilde in one of my favorite neighborhoods in Portland.

Sellwood Riverfront Park

Platforms and poppy toes for a sunny day.

Panko Herbed Salmon steaks, vinegar lentils, and buttered, rosemary potatoes for our Saturday night dinner. Yes, I feasted all weekend.


Spoils from the clothing swap I went to at The Woods. Hosted by Alley 33 Recycled Fashion. Check them out! They host a killer clothing swap. Don’t worry, there’s another one coming up in May!

An inspiring read for the thinkers, visionaries, and lovers of change.

Easter Lilies

Easter Appetizers. French Onion Soup stuffed in a mushroom! Post on these babies to come…

Easter Feast!  It hurt so good.

I had a lovely weekend, needless to say. I feel so blessed to live in such a perfect city, full of good food, stunning nature, creative minds, and people who appreciate the sun more than almost anything. I feel so blessed to be apart of a community of outstanding cooks, artists, and friends. I feel so blessed to be living into a story of resurrection.

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3 comments on “Easter Weekend Bits
  1. Mari says:

    Ambs, it was a delight sharing Easter with you :)

  2. Helen says:

    Vietnam was colonized by the French (late 1800s to WWII), so that is where the French influence comes from. We don’t intuitively put the French and Asian culture together.

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