Things I Like Right Now

Neutral Color Blocking: Does that even count? A serial beige lover can only hope.

Adele: I know, I know. So mainstream. So sue me. I can’t help it…been listening to her non-flipping stop. She’s got mad talent.

Flares! Flares! Flares! from left to right: vanessa jackman, sartorialist & stockholm streetstyle

The bangs I can never have: blunt and adorable.

Wearable heels: I have many pairs of black and fancy heels– that I only bought for and wear on special occasions. I kind of hate them all. So I would like to purchase a nice pair that I won’t be scared of wearing during the day, and will also gussy things up at night. Perhaps something by Rachel Comey? It’s a nice dream.

My favorite street style shot over the past few weeks by The Sartorialist: So pretty.

Madmen: This is no surprise to you I’m sure. All the faint-worthy vintage dresses, the intense drama, relational chaos, the fascinating time period. We are a match made in heaven.

Stripes! via Zara: They are the perfect pattern. Timeless, classy, fresh. What more do you need?

To be a kid again: I’m feeling encouraged to play more. I’m convinced life’s too stressful and short not to.

Weekends: They should all come with an extra day. A day for friends, a day for church, and a day for ourselves. But we take what we can get and make the most of our 2 glorious work-free days. They are precious.

Hope you live it up.

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3 comments on “Things I Like Right Now
  1. Daniel says:

    That’s a seriously great compilation. Here’s to the weekend!

  2. Hi Amber! I love this idea to post things you like right now! I am going to tag you in an up coming blog post and do this myself. Thanks for the great idea!

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