A Weekend Miracle

So there was this weekend when it was sunny and a high of 80 degrees in APRIL…in PORTLAND, OREGON. It was nothing short of a miracle and I had to keep reminding myself it is in fact April, not July (meaning it will be rainy and high 50s again way too soon).

Yeah it was pretty great. Here are a few pics of it. Ok, mostly pictures of the sun and our beautiful baby.

Had to get a new bonnet for such a sunny day…She was fussing in this picture. Not sure she likes it.

Check out those thighs…

Yes, I get to look at this face everyday…

Little hands

We ended the weekend with tastiness: some sweet iced tea and homemade whole bowls (recipe to come)…

If you live in Portland I hope to God you were outside enjoying this miracle too.


P.S. stayed tuned for a new series of posts starting tomorrow!

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One comment on “A Weekend Miracle
  1. Helen says:

    Those thighs are reminiscent of her daddy and Auntie Jasmine’s thighs at that age. Too cute.

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