Reading: East of Eden. Two words: Freakin’. Amazing.

Watching: Breaking Bad. It is terribly addictive (ironically). If you haven’t seen it yet, just don’t. Trust me, it’s for your own good.

Working on: Art for the mother’s room at my church. If you have any ideas please shoot them my way…My creativity seems to be running on empty these days.

Thinking about: How to get my daughter to sleep until she’s actually rested without psychologically and emotionally damaging her…it’s real rough bein’ a momma sometimes. One thing I’m learning being a momma is every baby and momma are different and therefore need different things. Shame on me for ever being a judger.

Listening to: Some Animal Collective, but mainly The Roots, “Undun” specifically. Eleanor loves them. I know, I know parent- fail…but we get the the biggest smiles out of her when we turn it up and dance to it for her. And we gotta live that up before our dancing is just downright embarrassing to her.

Eating: Various kinds of veggie bowls and berries (thanks to our CSA)…and a lot of dates lately. Gah, I love dates. A treat that’s not so bad for you. Oh, and they are an amazing, healthy way to sweeten a shake or smoothie by the way. This recipe looks AH-mazing.

AnticipatingD’s and my 2nd year anniversary this September. We’re thinking a mini-vacay somewhere warm, by water, and family-friendly…Any suggestions?

Especially loving: (Other than the obvious) Summer and wearing sandals all the time.

What are your “currently’s” these days?

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  1. Michelle says:

    Well, since you asked!

    I am currently…

    Reading:The Once and Future King. Timeless and witty portrayal of the Arthurian Legend.

    Watching: Doctor Who series 2 again, Star Trek: Voyager, and Burn Notice. I get restless watching one show at a time. And what can I say, I’m a fan of the slightly cheesy sci-fi dramas. How Burn Notice fits those descriptors, I have no clue…

    Working on: Getting ready for our road trip in 2 weeks.

    Thinking about: Budgeting. I like the idea of knowing where we are at financially and having it planned out on paper. It gives me a good sense of security. But the discipline to keep in up as well as conquering my impassivity scares me.

    Listening to: Eric Clapton is in the disc changer at the moment but the songs I have really been enjoying are from a couple of blue grassy-indie bands I found on youtube. They are The Head and the Heart and Bryan John Appleby

    Eating:Hot Sandwiches for dinner tonight!

    Anticipating: Seeing friends and family on our road trip to Washington!

    Especially loving: My little boy’s smiles and my girls’ made up songs. Some of the best parts of being a mom.

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