Winter Cheer

Though I do appreciate and like many things about winter sometimes the dark, rainy, cold days can be long and bring me down. I wrote out this list to cheer me up and remind me of all the things I have and a few things I get to enjoy (especially) during this season.

1. The crazy silly things my husband will do to make our daughter laugh.

2. Reading a good book on the couch late at night with my tea, after everyone else has gone to bed.

3. Tears — sometimes the other side of them bring the best kind of happy.

4. The smell of the earth after a good rain.

5. Cozy dinner parties and too much wine (especially with my girls).

6. Embarking on a new project (mainly canning and sewing these days).

7. Eating the first cookie, slice of bread, etc. that I pull out of the oven.

8. Seeing my husband’s face light up just as much as Eleanor’s when they see each other.

9. Getting flowers for my home (especially in the winter)

10. Sipping wine while cooking dinner with a little music in the background.

What sorts of things do you enjoy during winter? What do you do to shake off the winter blues?

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