4 months

Four months is my favorite so far…
  • She laughs like crazy
  • She’s ticklish now!
  • She intentionally snuggles us and buries her face in our chests. Gah, I love that.
  • She LOVES her Papa (seriously, when D walks through the door and she sees him her whole face lights up. It makes my heart swell)
  • I love how much she loves people. She really prefers them. Every baby does I’m sure, but perhaps some more than others. For example, I give her a toy to play with and that lasts for about 2 minutes, but she could look at someone or sit on my hip all day. Eleanor and I took our first road trip together this month with some of my girlfriends and I think she about died and went to heaven. A bunch of girls holding her and giving her attention 24/7 = Eleanor’s dream come true.
  • She looooves it when we sing to her. Even when she’s cranky, singing to her will bring a smile to her face. Especially “You are my sunshine.” I sang that to her when she was in my belly, maybe that’s why.
  • The girl finally rolled over. Apparently she’s not in any hurry to go anywhere (no complaining over here)…she’s seems real content just laying and looking around or being held. Plus, that is a lot of chub to have to move around. Probably not worth it to her most of the time.
  • She’s maybe starting to look like me too. Maybe. I see myself mostly in her eyes. Overall though, Papa is still winning on that front. I mean, just look at this picture.
  • Now when Eleanor knows there’s a boob in her future she is downright inconsolable. All I have to do is sit in the chair I usually nurse her in or start to lift up my shirt and she loses it until it is in her mouth. It’s quite sweet actually.
  • She really has “woken up” like they say they do at 4 months. It’s like she’s stopped missing the womb and really starting to fall in love with her new home.
I wonder how many of these things will stay the same about her and how much will change. I still can’t believe I get to take care of this little gem and watch her change, grow, and eventually live and work out her own story. I get to witness a life—so intimately. Every day is like Christmas now (well almost…some days I’m just tired out of my mind). Every day I get see what’s new about her or enjoy what’s the same. Each day of motherhood, whether it be exhausting, mundane, or magically rewarding…it’s all this crazy gift I don’t deserve and for that I’m grateful. So terribly grateful.

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