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So I don’t know about you but I’ve been missing all the interviews I did before adding kid #2 to the mix. So I thought I’d slowly start bringing them back, just on a smaller scale to start. I’ll be featuring lovely women I admire “over coffee,” if you will, and asking them some fun get-to-know-you questions.

I thought I’d get the ball rolling by being the first in the limelight…

How do you take your coffee (or tea)? I love my husband’s pour over coffee. I’m worthless in the morning so he makes the breakfast and coffee and he makes a mighty fine cup. I also love all the tea from Tea Bar, a lovely little place conveniently located within walking distance from my house. It has become my place. The place where I take my daughter for lavender boba tea treats after school and also the place where I go to treat myself to some alone time and, during the fall season especially, a good London fog.

How do you treat yourself? A tasty beverage, like my previous answer, tea from Tea Bar, or a good cocktail from Expatriate or a new favorite, Victoria bar. A mani-pedi…though I have yet to find the perfect spot. And fresh flowers from my favorite, Hilary Horvath at the beautiful shop Alder & Co.

Top 3-5 favorite spots in your hood? P’s & Q’s Market for fresh, local grocery staples and tomato gravy and biscuits for brunch on the weekend, Woodlawn Coffee and Pastry for coffee when we’re out or I want espresso, and a freshly baked in-house almond croissant, Firehouse restaurant for wood-fired, thin-crust pizza and arancini, and, as mentioned a million times over, Tea Bar.

Flats or heels? Flats.

Early bird or night owl? Night owl. Though less of either these days.

What time do you wake up each morning? Officially? Like 7:30 thanks to my stellar husband.

Favorite book or current book you’re reading? Girl On The Train by Paula Hawkins. It has taken me way too long to get through this book. Not because it’s not good, but because I’m so tired these days and also because it’s kinda scary and I get freaked out and have to take a break. I know, it’s sad.

Currently listening too…? Asgeir, In the Silence.

If you were an emoji which one would you be and why? The sleepy face one. Because…#threenager and 3 month old that wakes me up all night.

What’s the best piece of motherhood advice you’ve received? “The days are long, but the years are short.” It feels like I’m in the thick of it all now–the trenches if you will—and some days go on way too long and you couldn’t get me that glass of wine and my pillow fast enough. But then I remember I almost have a FOUR YEAR OLD already and the reality that they’ll never be as they are today—right now—is unbearable.

What excites you most about motherhood? My favorite thing in the world these days is to watch my 3.5 year old sleep because she looks like a baby again and cuddle and get all the smiles from my 3 month old while we’re still waking up in bed in the morning.

What makes you most nervous about motherhood? All the mistakes I’ve made already and how it is affecting/will affect them later. Not having a close relationship with them when they grow up or them not being close with each other.

What’s your go-to family meal recipe? Pasta Carbonara

What’s one of your best childhood memories? Looking for agates and beach glass with my best friend on the beaches of Whidbey Island, where I grew up.

What won’t we find in your closet? Anything with logos.

What’s your biggest flaw? I have too many to count. The one that springs to mind at the moment is that I’m a perfectionist and kind of a control freak. Though my two babies are slowly working on that for me.

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