“How Not To Look Half Dead When Your Baby Stops Sleeping”

Tired Mama

I posted this picture on Instagram a few days ago after a horrible night with my 4 month old. There were a few fellow mama’s who commented, interested to know what I use to hide the bags that I assure you are there lurking under the makeup. One clever commenter is responsible for the title of this post because, it was perfect and because this post is dedicated to her and all the other tired mama’s out there.

Babies, man, they don’t sleep (at least never when they’re supposed to) and it’s R-O-U-G-H. Not only on our minds and souls….but on our bodies and skin too. All I want right now is to look as good as I can without devoting very much time to it. I not only have a 4 month old who doesn’t sleep, but I also have a three-and-a-half-year-old who is raring to go by 6:30am. Sometimes I realize I have gone an hour without actually breathing properly, or it’s noon and I haven’t eaten anything other than my kids half eaten yogurt cup. So everything “beauty” has to deliver the goods, fast. I still want to look good – I mean, hello, I’m not an animal – but the days of doing my eyeliner for 5 minutes are over. So, if you’re a tired mama and the bags are big and dark like mine you might find these products and techniques helpful….



1. YSL Touche Eclat Concealer Radiant Touch – Probably one of the most important items on the list. I have yet to find a better concealer. It’s not the cheapest but a little goes a long way, it’s the best, and you’re up all night with your baby so I say…treat yo’ self! Bye, bye bags!!

2. Fish Oil Supplements – I know. May sound weird, but eating good fats will make you skin more supple and glowy than any moisturizer or makeup ever could. I began noticing this when I was pregnant with my first child and started taking fish oil supplements because I read it was good for the baby’s growing brain. I also eat oodles of fat in things like avocados, nuts, salmon, almond butter and full-fat plain Greek yogurt.

3. Tarte Amazonian Clay Foundation with SPF 15 – I loooove this stuff. It has natural sunscreen, not harsh chemicals and omits many of the other nasty chemicals commonly used in makeup. When I first tried it I worried that it looked like a thick layer of makeup, but after a few seconds it absorbed and lightened up, and left my skin looking very clear and dewy. I’m obsessed.

4. RMS Living Luminizer – There are a million of these to choose from but I particularly like this one. I like that its just glowy not glittery. Just make sure it’s fairly thick and balm-like too. . Then smudge it on your fingertips and tap your fingers lightly above your eyebrow arch, on your temple down to the very top of your cheekbones. Job done. That’s all it takes. It’s like a real-life Instagram filter.

5. Jojoba Oil – This stuff is amaaaazing. I love oils. Coconut oil, almond oil, all of them. But jojoba oil is particularly good for skin (and hair!). If you find you have an especially dry face and coconut oil just isn’t quite getting the job done, try jojoba oil. I like to put it all over my face and body either after a shower or after I wash my face at night before going to bed.

6. MAC In Extreme Dimension Lash – Ever since I started wearing this mascara I’ve gotten compliments left and right on my eye lashes. It gives them volume, curl, and length, without having to do a million coats. It’s amazing. Also, I like to just wear it on my top lashes and skip putting any on my bottom lashes. I swear it makes me look more awake. Anything dark underneath your eyes has a way of making you look more tired.

That’s it! Everything you need to make you look like you’ve had a full nights sleep when you most definitely have not.

Would love to hear any other tips or products all you mamas use to keep the bags away! xx

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