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This week I’m so excited to introduce you to the food-genius and voice behind one of my favorite food blogs, Lindsay Strannigan. Lindsay’s amazing blog, Rosemarried, is where she writes about all her delicious, innovative cooking adventures. She is all about simple, attainable recipes without compromising beauty and quality. Which is what I love most about her blog. I know when I go to Rosemarried to find some inspiration for dinner I’m going to find something that’s not only delicious, but also seasonal, healthy, and (sadly, what’s usually most important to me), simple.

As well as keeping a food blog, Lindsay is a freelance marketing consultant, event planner, and has established a significant presence in Portland. She serves as a Marketing Director for the Beaverton Farmers Market, is a co-host of the PDX Food Swap, and has planned events for Stumptown Coffee Roasters, Plate and Pitchfork, The Montavilla Farmer’s Market, Juliet Zulu, and Bunk Sandwiches, to name a few. Lindsay and some of her recipes have also made their appearance on The Kitchn, Huffington Post, Buzzfeed, and more.

Lindsay technically lives in NE Portland, but is really more centrally located so I let her get away with doing a little bit of both NE and SE Portland. Also, I secretly just wanted in on all her spots! I would go anywhere she told me to, especially in regards to food. Needless to say she killed it, and you’d be a fool not to read this…

Where to get a facial/massage:

LoylyI love spending an entire afternoon here – lounging in the sauna, steam room, and airy courtyard. I usually bring a good book and splurge on a body scrub, face mask, and cup of tea. It’s perfect.

Where to shop for your man:

Belmont StationHe loves beer, what can I say? And this is definitely the place to buy beer.

Where to shop for your home:

Appetite. While not exactly in my neighborhood, this shop is worth the trek. The shop is run by a pair of sisters, who screenprint, sew, paint, and craft. Half of the store is made up of their handmade goods – napkins and curtains, pillows and purses – and the other half is a well-curated selection of vintage and thrifted goods. I love it.

Where to shop for kiddos:

Powell’s Books. I am a sucker for children’s books, and Powell’s selection is absolutely incredible (there is a smaller SE location as well).

Where to shop for yourself:

PastaworksIf I could buy everything in this store, I would. Wine, cheese, spices, infused salts, vinegars, truffle oils, dried (and fresh pastas), etc. I love it all.

Rosemarried Guide to Portland

Photo by Jaffrey Bagge

Where to thrift:

82nd Avenue. In my humble opinion, the close-in thrift shops in Portland are a bit picked over. I like to head out to 82nd, near Johnson Creek, and hit up the giant Salvation Army, the Goodwill, and the Deseret Industries thrift stores. They’re all within blocks of one another, and there are great deals to be had.

Where to get a sweet treat:

Pip’s Original. Fried-to-order mini doughnuts, drizzled with local honey and sea salt. Yes, please. (Rumor has it that they now offer their doughnuts with ice cream, which is like a pregnant lady’s dream come true.)

 Annie’s Doughnuts. If you want to try the legendary Buttermilk Bar at Annie’s, you must get there early, as they will sell out. But let me tell you, they’re worth it.

Where to get a fresh juice:

Unfortunately, there’s not much fresh juice to be had in my neighborhood (yet!), but Harlowe and Kure on Hawthorne are both great.

Where to get a cheap eat:

Du’s Grill. This is, hands down, my favorite cheap meal in Portland. Du’s is nothing fancy, it’s just a hole-in-the-wall teriyaki joint on Sandy Blvd. The same woman is always standing in the kitchen, furiously chopping meat with her giant cleaver and the same friendly guy is always smiling at me from behind the register and hollering out orders. I get the same thing every single time – the chicken and beef combo, with extra teriyaki sauce and a healthy squirt of Sriracha – and it never fails me. It’s fast, it’s cheap, and it’s incredibly addicting.

Slow Burger. I would argue that Slow Burger makes one of the best (if not the best) burger in Portland. The husband always orders a large burger (with blue cheese) and I get the small burger with onion rings. And, they have patio seating, truffle fries, and Stiegl Radler. Done and done.

East Glisan Pizza Lounge. I cannot tell you how happy I am to finally have a good pizza place in my neighborhood. While I firmly believe that Apizza Scholls makes the best pizza in Portland, East Glisan does a darn fine job of making a quality pie (and is mere blocks from my house).

Rosemarried Guide to Portland

Photo by Jenni Kupelian 

Where to wine and dine:

LuceFunny enough, I’ve never actually been into Luce for dinner. I went in once for lunch, and was hooked. Their lunch special is incredible – a half order of handmade pasta, 4 antipasti, and a glass of wine – all for $17.

Tanuki. If you’re feeling adventurous, go to Tanuki order the omakase menu. Pick your price (anywhere from $10 to $30 per person) and eat whatever is put in front of you. You’re almost guaranteed to get a kimchi bacon croissant, some squid jerky, and an a ginger octopus salad. If you’re really lucky, you’ll get the baked mussels with tripe custard, the scallion crab claws, or the flank steak with kimchi. (Disclaimer: This place is not for the faint of heart. It’s weird, and dark, and sometimes plays bizarre Japanese grindcore films. If you can get past all that, the food is great.)

Where to wine:

Cheese BarI could live on bread and cheese alone (and I would be a very happy woman). Cheese bar has the best cheese (and the best wine. and the best charcuterie. and the best mac & cheese). I’m obsessed with this place. The space itself isn’t anything fancy, but it doesn’t matter. Everything here is good.

Where to brunch:

Country Cat. Fried chicken (with spoon bread!) for brunch, without the Screen Door lines.

Fressen Artisan Bakery. This is a German-style bakery in the Hollywood district. I want to eat all the things they make: rustic breads, soft pretzels, house-made granola, nutella croissants, etc. This place is a hidden gem and transports me back to my days of traveling throughout Bavaria.

Where to take the kids:

The Montavilla Farmer’s Market. I love my neighborhood farmer’s market! It’s family (and dog) friendly and has a great selection of local vendors. Plus, it’s smaller and more intimate than some of the larger Portland markets so it feels a little less crazy and chaotic. When I have my little one, I plan on bringing the fam to this market.

Rosemarried Guide to Portland

Photo by Jenni Kupelian

Thank you so much Lindsay for being a part of this series! You sold me on everything (obvi). But maybe especially Du’s Grill. I’ve never been, and teriyaki and sriracha hold a special place in my heart.

Again, if you’re as sold as me, I can’t urge you enough to check out Lindsay’s lovely blog, Rosemarried.

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