A Local’s Guide To Portland: Angela Vembar

Angela Vembar

Angela and I have met off and on, through mutual friends, all over the west coast for years now. Totally randomly, might I add. Once in Spokane, Washington, another time in Oakland, California, and then here in Portland (I think it might be as sign we need to see more of each other, Angie!). Each of these times I’ve had the pleasure of spending time with her I was struck by how comfortable I felt being around her. When she mentioned that she was studying to be a naturopathic family physician last time I saw her, I remember thinking, “Oh yeah, I’d definitely see you as my doctor.” She is super kind, relatable, intelligent, and so easy to be around. All the things I look for and want in a doctor.

Angie is a family practice physician and practices at Harbor Health Clinic in NE Portland. She sees a variety of patients, from young to older and for all kinds of reasons. From a cold to a chronic condition to fertility health. Angie has a background in naturopathic medicine, the science of nutrition, and culinary arts, and definitely utilizes her knowledge and experience in nutrition and natural medicine to help her patients. As someone who has seen naturopathic doctors throughout my life and experienced the extraordinary benefits and care that they offer, I cannot recommend Angie enough and was so happy to feature her here on my blog.

Check out some of Angie’s favorite spots around Portland, including her very own kitchen….

Where to get a facial/massage:

I know it’s been a theme on these Portland Guides, but I would also have to say Loyly.  Getting a massage AND being able to hang out in the sauna?  It’s a perfect afternoon for me!

Where to shop for your home:

My husband and I like to do a lot of DIY projects so right now it’s thrift stores, William Temple House usually, and the Rebuilding Center.  The Rebuilding Center takes donations from old buildings and homes that are being torn down or renovated.  You have to dig a little bit but it’s worth it because they have some fantastic finds!  They are also conveniently located across the street from Por Que No, a favorite Portland eatery!

Where to shop for yourself:

Having recently been in school, I don’t shop a lot for myself.  But if I do take myself on a shopping date, I love going to the Pearl district.  Spending an afternoon lost in Powell’s and checking out what’s new at Anthropologie is a well spent afternoon for me!

Where to thrift:

Hands down at William Temple Thrift Store in NW.  My husband and I met because we lived in the same apartment building across the street from this thrift store.  We would go in most afternoons just to see what had recently come in.  They have some really cool items.  One lucky day we even found a copper sauce pan  (I’m a sucker for copper cookware!).

Angela Potter

Where to get a sweet treat:

My new favorite place is Frice Pastry.  Their pastry chef makes really creative and delicious pastries.  They recently made our wedding cake and it turned out stunning and was really delicious!  My old time favorite is Cacao.  Maybe I’m partial to it because that’s where my husband and I went on our first date, but their chocolate selection is divine!  They sell chocolate bars, truffles, and, my favorite, their Spicy Dark Drinking Chocolate.  Think: best dark chocolate bar you’ve ever had melted into a cup and mixed with cinnamon and cayenne.

Where to get a fresh juice:

My kitchen!  My mom got me a juicer during my second year of medical school and it was one of my saving graces during school.  A fresh veggie juice is the best pick me up in the afternoon!  Recently I’ve been interested in the health benefits of wheat grass shots and wheatgrass doesn’t juice well in my juicer.  So for those cravings, I head over to Kure.  I’ve loved their store downtown from the moment I stepped in.  They are really friendly, always have good music blasting, and everyone is dancing around as they work!

Where to get a cheap eat:

Having recently been in school, I know the in’s and out’s of good, cheap eats in Portland!  My top two places are Nong’s Khao Mon Gai and the Bombay Chaat House food truck.  I love the simplicity of Nong’s chicken and rice and yet it is so jam-packed full of flavor.  Bombay Chaat House is this great food truck on SW 12th and Yamhill.  They have a delicious 6 item lunch for only $6 and it’s big enough to last for two meals!  Don’t order this if you’re gluten free because the naan is too good to pass up!

Some of the best cheap eats also come in the form of happy hour, a few of my favorites: Gruner, when I’m in the mood for Alsatian tarts and bratwurst. St. Jack, when I’m in the mood for mussels and poutine. Life of Pie, when it’s pizza time!


Where to wine and dine:

Little Bird is my favorite restaurant in Portland.  I love the French bistro feel and the food is incredible.

Where to imbibe:

I’m usually a wine gal but there are a few places that I go to when I want a cocktail. Whiskey Soda Lounge, their tamarind whiskey sour is something not to be missed! Radar on Mississippi, they are also a must go to happy hour venue.  This summer they had a great, refreshing champagne cocktail on their happy hour menu and now it’s a lazy sour.  Talk about five dollar deliciousness.

Where to brunch:

This is the hardest question for me because going to brunch is one of me and my husband’s favorite things to do, and there are so many amazing places in Portland!  That being said, the place we go back to again and again is Broder.  Their abelskivers are oh so good and their lefse is amazing!


Thanks so much, Angie! I’m inviting myself over for one of your veggie juices! xx

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