A Local’s Guide to Portland: Julie Everhart

Studio Olivine

Photo by Leela Cyd

I actually met Julie’s mom before I met her. Her mom is probably one of the sweetest, loveliest people I’ve ever met. When I met Julie, it was no surprise to find that the apple didn’t fall far from the tree. She’s the kind of person you wished your paths’ crossed with more.

As well as being lovely, Julie is the owner of Studio Olivine, a custom letterpress print studio located here in Portland, Oregon. Julie makes the most beautiful paper goods. She prints a variety of media from business cards and wedding invitations, to coasters, custom orders, and beyond—she does a little bit of everything. She loves collaborations and experimental projects with other artists and unique projects.I feel like any time I visit a hip, beautiful place in Portland I’m going to see her work there, whether it be the coaster I set my cocktail on or the charming little business cards at the register as I’m about to make my purchase. I’m always so impressed and inspired by Julie’s creativity and the quality of her work.

Needless to say, I was floored when she agreed to  be a part of this series and share some of her favorite spots around Portland. Not surprisingly, her value of quality and beauty translate over to her taste in food, style, and everything else….

Studio Olivine

Where to get a facial/massage:

My very favorite place for a massage is Loyly. The simple reason is because I have never had a better massage. But in addition, for a small fee extra, you can spend two whole luxurious hours in the sauna area where they have fluffy white robes, tea, and showers.

Where to shop for your man:

For my man, my money is best spent on pie. The pie at Random Order Coffeehouse on Alberta is delicious, offered in many flavors, and available all day and late into the evening by the slice!

Where to shop for your home:

Alder & Co. for all of the tiny little luxurious things that make a house a home.

Where to shop for yourself:

I spend most of my money at Palace and most of my time ogling at Una.

Studio Olivine

Where to thrift:

William Temple House in NW for those sneaky once in a while mid-century furniture finds. Solestruck Antiquities Department for shoes. Yo Vintage!, and Palace for clothing.

Where to get a sweet treat:

Frice Pastry connected to Lardo on N Williams. MADELINES-MADE-TO-ORDER!

Where to get a fresh juice:

Sip on Alberta. Get the Gingerberry if you are as into that sharp ginger bite as much as I am. The tropical greens smoothie is also amazing.

Where to get a cheap eat:

Best biscuit fix = Lauretta Jean’s. Jam, butter, and house-made biscuit for under $3, and Shio Ramen at Minizo food cart!

Studio Olivine

Where to wine and dine:

Nothing new, but I am so in love with Lovely’s  Fifty-Fifty. It is comfy, delicious and consistently satisfying. Going omakase at Boxer Sushi paired with a nice dry sake, and LaTaq for best margaritas, queso fundido and tacos. Oh, and Pok Pok Noi for the house-made gin + tonic paired with papaya salad, curry noodle soup and boar collar. And, and, and, and…….

Where to imbibe:

Excellent cocktails at Angel Face. You just tell Tim and Kelly what your drink style is and they come up with something excellent.

Where to brunch:

Definitely Accanto, Woodsman Tavern and Olympic Provisions. Never busy and always delicious.

Studio Olivine

Thank you so much, Julie for contributing! You are the third person to recommend Loyly so I think it’s a sign I need a massage? And madeline’s made to order?! Done and done.

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