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Portland's Pretty Portland Guide

For this week’s Portland Guide I bring you Marissa of the killer blog Portland’s Pretty. I’ve been following her blog since the beginning and I am a big, BIG fan. Marissa appreciates and loves the street style of Portland, takes photos of the best looks she finds around town, Portland’s fashion shows, etc., and posts about them all on Portland’s Pretty. As you can see, her own style is pretty bangin’ as well. Marissa is fearless and has amazing energy. I admire those things about her. It is no surprise her blog has grown and become as successful as it has.

Not only does she know the style scene in Portland, but she also knows the food scene. This guide to Portland is packed with incredible places to try from fancy, authentic pizzas to the tastiest, cheapest pizzas by the slice, some of Portland’s best vintage clothing spots, good thrifting, and all the dives…Because Marissa rules Portland’s dive bars….

Where to get a facial/massage:

In the 4 years I’ve lived in Portland I’ve only treated myself to something like this once, and it was amazing. I got a gift certificate to Loyly and I cannot say enough good things about it. I went with my boyfriend at the time on the co-ed day, Sunday night. We got mud masks, steamed and sauna’d, drank tea, and finished it off with massages. The staff there is so sweet.

Where to shop for your man:

I don’t really, but my friend Andrew and I went to Communion on Hawthorne the other day and I helped him shop. He got some really great pieces. They also have awesome stuff for ladies. I’m dying to get this white rain coat they have by Rains.

Where to shop for your home:

Thrift stores. For a 33 year old, I’m still very much a child when it comes to decorating. My bed is CB2 and that’s like the most expensive piece of furniture I’ve ever purchased. Heh, *sob*.

Where to shop for yourself:

Honestly, I don’t go shopping that much. I mainly buy from ASOS and Madewell online, which I probably shouldn’t admit on a Portland blog. Obviously I try to support local whenever I can though. When I do, I love Palace, Goodwill, Yo Vintage!, Lizard Lounge, and Backtalk Pdx.

Portland's Pretty Portland Guide

Where to thrift:

The Goodwill on 92nd.

Where to get a sweet treat:

I’ve been absolutely LOVING Lauretta Jean’s. It’s right by my house and they’re sea salt brownies will change your life. Also, my neighborhood coffee shop, Division Coffee serves Petunias Pastries which are all vegan and gluten free and not at all lacking in deliciousness.

Where to get a fresh juice:

I went through a phase were I was going to Kure every day at 11 o’clock. But that habit had to die, too much $$$$. Now I treat myself to Harlow every so often. I get a bowl, a coffee, and a Warrior smoothie. I can’t do that every week though. Spending $20 on yourself for one meal is not easy on the wallet.

Portland's Pretty Portland Guide

Where to get a cheap eat:

Soooooo many places. The $5 Life of Pie happy hour is a once a week pit stop for me. Chicken tacos from Los Gorditos are $2 each and as good as any tacos I’ve had in California. Slices from Atlas Pizza by my house as well as Sizzle Pie are a deal. And back to Lauretta Jeans, they do a killer $5 breakfast sandwich.

I give food tours on Mississippi on the weekends and when I get done I’m just in time for Samurai Blue’s happy hour, the $6 negiri plate is rad, as is the $4 organic greens. It’s one of the best salads I’ve hand in town, no lie. The fish is super fresh too, I’d say it’s the 3rd best sushi in town next to Boxer and Bamboo. Also The Sudra for vegan indian food is totally awesome, it’s in that micro restaurant pod called The Ocean on NE 24th.

Where to wine and dine:

Luce is bar none my favorite date night spot. I die from the cuteness whenever I step inside that place. It’s super reasonable, and they have a really great wine list. Speaking of totally adorable have you been to Maurice’s downtown yet? It’s wonderful. Again, good wines and great bites. Boxer Sushi is my favorite for a serious splurge. You have to get the omakase. Over in my old hood, on Dekum, Firehouse Restaurant has one of the best pizzas I’ve ever had. If the weather is right make sure to sit outside because the garden patio is dreamy, def super grammable ;)

Where to imbibe:

I love the dives! I’m all about Red Flag, Da Vern, and Star Bar. But you’ll also find me at Dig A Pony if there’s an event. Conquistador if I’ve got a margarita/nachos jones, and Sweet Hereafter if I want to stay near my house.

Where to brunch:

No question, Interurban. Best bloody Mary in Portland. Period. It’s all about a little bit of beet juice in your bloody. It changed my life.

Portland's Pretty Guide to Portland

Thank you Marissa for letting us in on all of your favorite spots in our amazing city! I love me some bloody marys and one with beet juice in it?! Can’t even. I know where I’m brunching this weekend.

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