A Local’s Guide To SE Portland: Catherine Harrington Clifford

Catherine Harrington Clifford

I first met Cate at the book club we’re a part of, and was instantly taken by her classy style and killer shoes, and, of course, all of the interesting things she had to say about what we were reading…

Cate currently lives in southeast Portland and is one of the few native Portlanders I know. She is an event and wardrobe stylist and a blogger. She blogs about her events/projects, and she has a wonderful series on her blog called, “Mommy + Me Monday.” This series features either her and her adorable baby girl’s style or other guest mamas and babes (Eleanor and I actually had the privilege of contributing to this series recently!) . I appreciate Cate’s aesthetic and taste, and her appreciation and eye for quality. From killer shoes to drool-worthy cocktails. So, it is with great pleasure that I show you southeast Portland through her very stylish eyes…

Where to get a facial and massage:

Zenana Spa. I heard of this place shortly after giving birth. I met a chiropractor who did some craniosacral therapy on my 6 week old daughter, and found her tongue tie that saved me! Anyway, when I found out more about Zenana and their focus on pregnant and parenting families (though they serve everyone) I was in.

Where to shop for your man:

Hawthorne Liquor Store. Seriously. There would be no gift in my husband’s eyes that would out gift some top shelf bourbon or some highland scotch (ok… most whiskeys).

Where to shop for your home:

Easy! Grand Marketplace. I was super bummed when a paper store I loved went out of business. Like, I was grieving as someone who does a fair amount of hosting and invite making. Then Grand Marketplace popped up and, well, the rest is (almost) history. This may be the best put together antique store in the northwest with incredibly nice employees, always ready to help.

Catherine Harrington Clifford

Where to shop for your kids:

Branch Birdie. Not only is there an awesome selection of stuff for kids, but women too. Plus, there is a kids play area! Which, if you know what it’s like to try to enjoy a shopping experience with a child, that is an amazing bonus.

Where to shop for yourself:

Noun. There were many years I’d refer to Noun as “my secret place.” It’s one of those shops so well curated, it felt personal. Like I found where I was meant to shop. I wanted to keep it for myself and not share (I’m an only child.)

Where to get a sweet treat:

Salt & Straw. I kind of wish I could suggest somewhere else; but then again, I don’t. They’ve perfected ice cream as I know it. I have started splurging for the milkshake and asking them to half order it if they’re not busy, or share it with someone. My favorite flavors are the sea salt caramel ribbons, and strawberry honey balsamic with cracked pepper.

Where to get a fresh juice:

Kure. I usually get something green (because green is supposed to be healthier right?) and I always ask for extra ginger!

Where to get a cheap eat:

Boke Bowl. Who can say no to steamed buns? Not me. If I lived within walking distance to this place, I would go once a week. I like the pork belly steamed buns to share, and either ramen with an egg on top or ramen with pulled pork.

Lardo. Best sandwiches. Ok there are a lot of awesome sandwich places, but Lardo has the most number of sandwiches that are the best.

Tabor Tavern. This is our favorite place for anything and everything. We seriously find any excuse to go here. They also have a great happy hour! Though, we can rarely limit ourselves to just that.

Catherine Harrington Clifford

Where to wine and dine:

Accanto. Most literally wine and dine. I choose Accanto on a monday night. My husband and I found out about this on accident, but every monday you can get the spaghetti and meatball special with of course, homemade pasta, and a $10 bottle of wine. Hard to beat that!

Laurelhurst Market. There will always be a special place in my belly for this favorite. It is one of our go to nice date, have friend’s from out of town, family birthday celebration restaurants. You can’t really go wrong with anything on the menu and they have great pairings from the bar to go with.

Where to wine:

The Woodsman Tavern. Here you’ll find a pretty incredible bourbon selection. I don’t know how we missed this the first time we were here, but they have some very rare, prohibition era whiskeys’, and an incredibly knowledgeable bartender.

Tannery Bar. I actually had a poor experience here with a rude bartender. But, the cocktail was great and so was the food. I have lots of friends that come here for their go-to drink place, so I’ve been working it up to give it another go (and assume that the rude someone was having an off day.)

Where to brunch:

Simpatica. If you haven’t been here, it’s a must! A truly wonderful atmosphere with beautiful food.

Utopia Café. Of course weekends are busy because hey, it’s portland. I love going on a weekday though. I’m not normally one for sweet things at breakfast but they had me at cinnamon roll french toast. And, they make a killer hash.

Where to take the kids:

Laurelhurst Park. This is one of our favorite parks. Mostly because it’s so large it feels like a couple parks combined. There are usually dogs, and, of course, the ducks around the lake for little ones who love animals (and my daughter does).

Ecobaby Gear. They have a great selection for kids and baby gear. They also host some support groups for moms. They host a weekly lactation group, with a lactation consultant for free! For the older ones, there is an awesome toy area where some of the things they sell are ready to be played with. Even though we have been pretty tame in buying “stuff” for our daughter, their selection makes me want to throw it all out the window and buy up their cute wooden toys.

Cate also just posted a lovely Portland City Guide on her blog recently. Check it out if you want to know some of her other favorite spots around Portland.

Thanks so much, Cate! I can’t believe I’ve not been to Boke Bowl yet! Pulled pork ramen and steamed buns?! I know what I’m doing this weekend.

Be on the look out for more upcoming posts on local’s guides to other neighborhoods in Portland and beyond! 

All the beautiful photographs taken by, Alyssa Elliot

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