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Tricks for Maternity-Land

Watching my belly grow has been nothing short of amazing. I can’t believe I can stretch this much! That statement is going to be laughable when I’m at the 9 month mark, I’m sure. And the best part about my growing belly is what it means: my babes is growing, growing, growing! My belly is proof, and all that dancing she’s doing in there!

But along with all the amazing-ness of having a baby belly some things can be tricky. Like….CLOTHES. I always thought pregnant women looked down-right adorable and imagined it would be so much fun to put together cute outfits when I was pregnant. I never quite understood when these said pregnant women would say all I want is to wear sweats and my bra (if that) all day.

Well, folks, now I do.

Getting dressed these days is hard work. With an ever-changing body it’s tough to figure out what to wear! I’ve been finding you have to be way more creative, if you don’t want to succumb to wearing only maternity clothes, look like a whale, or if you can’t wear sweats and a bra all day (if you can, I say do it and enjoy every minute of it).

I figured I’m probably not the only pregnant woman out there who’s dealing with the clothing challenge so I thought I’d share a few tricks I’ve been learning along the way (And give you another excuse to see the bump. I know you all love it, I see my traffic).

The first trick I want to share with you are….

Shift dresses.

They’re awesome (even for non-pregnants). I got this little shift at the beloved Anthropologie, but you can find them everywhere. Especially since the 60s are totally back. The cut is square and meant to be waistless. Perfect for mah belly. This shift dress is my normal size so it fits nicely in my shoulders, hips, and thighs but leaves room for the bump. Which all means we have successfully escaped looking like a whale.

Here are some shots of the look…

navy blue blazer-{link url=""}h&m{/link}, gold watch-{link url=""}american apparel{/link}

necklace- {link url=""}urban outfitters{/link}

heels- {link url=""}biviel{/link}

More maternity-tricks to come! Stay tuned.

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Perpetual Spring

Other than the one 85 degree day of summer we’ve had this month, it has still been feeling pretty much like Spring around here. Mostly 60’s/low 70s and still some rain here and there. Needless to say, I’ve been wearing a lot of jeans and light, breezy-ish tops these days.

Here’s one of my latest ensembles…

lace blouse- thrifted, bells- {link url=""}urban outfitters{/link}, wooden platforms- {link url=""}target{/link}, bag- {link url=""}h&m{/link}

lip gloss- "cyndi" by {link url=""}mac{/link}

bracelet- vintage

What have been your go-to outfits this Spring?

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Currently Craving

I dare you to take your best guess where these 3 beauties are from…*

I know I’m nervous about wearing all white too, but will ya look at that!

Toni Garrn by Camilla Akrans for Harper's Bazaar US April 2011

Toni Garrn by Camilla Akrans for Harper's Bazaar US April 2011

{link url=""}The Sartorialist{/link}

Grace Kelly

Swoon. On the hunt for oh-so-flattering high-waisted bikini’s, stunning long white jackets and dresses, and patience for those 3 beauties to go on sale.

Looks like my love for neutrals is here to stay.



*Anthropologie for those of you who don’t know me yet or who haven’t yet been intoxicated by this beautiful store.

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Lovely Lace

oversized circle scarf- {link url=""}american apparel{/link}, lace- {link url=""}modcloth{/link}, belt- {link url=""}anthro{/link}, maxi- anthro, shoes- biviel, sweet little bird necklace- gift from husband

There are many things I love about Spring: longer days, the pretty blossoms and daffodils everywhere (they’re like mini-suns!), floral patterns, enjoying the outdoors without a million layers on, being able to wear shoes without socks, and, perhaps most of all…LACE. I can’t get enough of the stuff. Spring has a way of bringing out the lady in all of us and I think we could all use a little more lady-like touches in our wardrobes these days. Maybe I just have an aversion to classic style and older values, but those oh so classy dames of the past really knew a thing or two about femininity and fashion, don’t you think?

P.s. Wanna know a secret? This lace “top” is actually a dress! It’s called shopping in your closet, my friends. Wearing dresses as tops, or layering tops over dresses. It’s amazing all the new clothes you’ll find in that old closet!

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