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Mt. Tabor holds a special place in my heart. Always will. It was the first park in Portland I visited, and it was love at first sight. It’s big and rich with amazing, green, northwest life. It reminds me so much of where I grew up. I think it was that—the familiarity—that drew me to it. I had many a runs, walks, tears, laughs, picnics, prayers, sprained ankles…ok only one sprained ankle, but it was a bad one…on this beautiful, green mountain. I even slid down it on a massive block of ice once. Don’t ask.

There is something so grounding about being where you were raised—in the house filled with memories, the views that remind you of the thoughts you gave them, the early morning sounds that have changed so little with time, the voices and embraces of the familiar and intimate. I don’t get to go back to where I grew up very often so I’m glad I have Tabor. Just like when I leave my old home, when I leave Tabor I leave feeling a sense of liberation and gratitude for what was—all the brokenness included—and for what is. This last time I went with Eleanor and it made me ponder how to create a foundational home for her. A home she misses. A familiar, safe place she loves to retreat to when she needs a break from the life she’s made for herself…as awesome as I know it will be. Just somewhere she can always come back to. A place where she knows she doesn’t have to be anybody but Eleanor. A place where she knows she’ll be loved no matter what. I want to build a home like that for her. A home with a foundation that doesn’t move; a foundation that’s real.

P.S. Happy fourth months, sweet girl!

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Summer Lovin’

This past Saturday it was 85 degrees in Portland! The first week of June no less! It really felt like summer and I was excited to break out this fun, breezy skirt I bought back in March. Can you tell I was little excited about summer? But, lets be honest, what Portland dweller isn’t?

When I saw this skirt, it reminded me a lot of my favorite store. The price, however, did not. $6, folks. No joke. Don’t get me wrong, I love my store. I just can’t help but get excited when I find something for pennies that I would probably find there.

skirt- thrifted, top- {link url=""}american apparel{/link}, wooden platforms- {link url=""}target{/link}

nails- "poppy" by american apparel

bracelet- vintage

turquoise earrings- {link url=""}anthropologie{/link}, lips- "crosswires" by {link url=""}mac{/link}

Be inspired to scour those thrift stores and vintage stores for some new summery additions to your wardrobe. Here, here, here, and here are some of my favorite vintage/thrift stores around Portland and online that I frequent and love. Happy thrifting!

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Weekend Bits

Well we had a lovely weekend. Primarily because summer finally showed up — a high of 85! And because our weekend was spent here in Portland. We have been out of town for the past 3 weekends in a row now and it was good to have a relaxing weekend in our favorite city and the place we call home.

Like good Portlanders, we spent most of the sunny weekend outside. Went to the PSU farmers market on Saturday and enjoyed live music, these amazing tamales, purchased some fresh, local fruit and veggies, and had to indulge in some sol pops to cool us off.

New favorite breakfast/snack. Nutella strawberry toast.

On Sunday we rode our bikes to Mississippi Ave. and had some Por Que No and Ruby Jewel Ice Cream. We also stopped in a few shops revolving around some of my favorite things: plants, clothes, and vintage things. Is it obvious yet how sweet my husband is?

This beverage below is Prickly Pear Juice. Yes, that is it’s real color.

Mmmm, Bryan’s bowls.

My husband dreaming…

Hope your weekends were full of sunshine, ice cream, and the people you love, too.

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Weekend Bits

My weekend was spent in beautiful, dry, piny Bend, Oregon. It is so different from Portland. It’s much less wet and much more dry and sunny. Much less green and thick and lush, and much more brown and open and desert-y. It’s such a different world than the world I grew up in and live in now. It was refreshing to spend a weekend in a place so different. I love that about living in Portland. All you have to do is drive a few hours and you’re in a different world.

I also got to spend the weekend with some of the most beautiful people I know. They really are. They are incredibly brave and strong. These people have known defeat, known suffering, known loss, and have somehow found their way out. These people have a gratefulness, and an understanding of life that fills them with this amazing compassion, gentleness, and love for others that is so challenging to me. And they have taught me that beautiful people don’t just happen. As one of them said so well this weekend, “It has cost us a lot to be where we are today.”

I’m blessed to belong to such a community.

Mt. Hood

Our cozy cabin

Best chips ever

The Lodge and some of those said beautiful people.

A little off-road biking. A new experience for a Portland street biker. And, yes, I did tie my jacket around my waist. You and I both know that trend will come back. Just being a good fashion blogger and staying one step ahead.

My husband is hard core.

One of the many animals we had to share the great outdoors with. Horses are bearable to share the outdoors with, but I’m still struggling with the idea of sharing with the kinds of creatures that have large teeth, claws, and weigh 10x more than me.

Paddle Boating on the lake

Picnic on the Paddle Boat

You can barely see them but there are two ducks, a male and a female, sleeping side by side. I couldn’t resist.

Gotta love an honest read.

Afternoon Billiards

Our feast Saturday night

A good bon fire, complete with junior-high games, tons of laughs, and honest sharing, reflection and conversation.

Now, back to the grinding stone. Happy Monday!

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My Favorite Color

So in case you haven’t gathered by now, I love red. Like a lot. Probably because it’s a classic and such a stunning color. I think it helps my introverted self feel a little less shy too.

I found this 60s-inspired mod little number at the end of summer last year on sale at Pin Me Apparel (an adorable boutique you must visit if you haven’t yet). Since I bought it at the end of summer, I actually never got to wear it. I tend to do that. Buying things at the end of a season that is. Like purchasing big winter coats in March for 75% off and then don’t get to wear them for another 6 months. Well, at least I get a steal that way. Bargains require patience…but that’s for another post. Back to this killer dress. Needless to say, I’ve been dying to wear this little number. It had been hanging in my closet all fall and winter looking so lonely and pretty. So when I looked at the forecast and saw it was going to be 70+ degrees I decided it was time for her debut.

Red dress- {link url=""}local boutique{/link}, vintage owl necklace- gift from mother-in-law, boots- {link url=""}steve madden{/link}

lips- "russian red" by {link url=""}mac{/link}

Don’t worry I put sunscreen on. I take good care of my translucent gams.

These were taken at a cute little Italian cafe in our neighborhood.

The back is real cute too.

Gah! Portland is so beautiful when the sun decides to come out.

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Springtime, PDX style

So it’s no secret, Portland is not exactly known for its sunshine. It’s known for quite the opposite, even when spring rolls around. Much of the time my outfits are inspired by the weather (maybe that’s why I’m a neutral fanatic), but by the time spring is here  and the sky is still gray even I am desperate for a little color and life.

On this particular day, it started out the usual gray but ended with some beautiful blue skies. We got lucky.

This outfit and color palette captures well what my wardrobe tends to look like during a Portland spring. There’s no way I’m going completely dark. That’s just depressing. So I add in some dark florals or stripes or polka dots—some kind of fresh pattern—and bright lipstick. It’s a nice compromise I think, and feels right.

oversized cream jacket-{link url=""}american apparel{/link}, floral blouse- vintage, high-waisted black pencil skirt-{link url=""}american apparel{/link}, black tights- target, braided skinny belt-{link url=""}h&m{/link}

lips- "russian red" by {link url=""}mac{/link}

Fryes- gift from husband

nails- "dragon" by {link url=""}chanel{/link}

gold dangles- {link url=""}anthropologie{/link}

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Weekend Bits

This weekend was definitely a more lazy, relaxing weekend and I soaked up every minute of it. Especially because the rest of my weekends this month are jam packed. I’m learning–slowly–how important rest really is. I’m convinced we need it more than we’d care to admit or even realize. Modern life and values seem to have no room for it.

Well, I’m pushing back and making room. So I couldn’t think of a better way to start a lazy Saturday morning than with a big, hearty, decadent breakfast. My dad used to go all out on Saturday and cook us a delicious breakfast, usually consisting of omelets of the most wonderful combinations, toast with local jam, fruit, canadian bacon, or roasted potatoes, and, always, orange juice for me and coffee for him. It was one of my most favorite rituals with him. Not only for the amazing food, but because I got to just be with my dad.

So, I can’t help but carry on the tradition with my family. On the menu this past Saturday was homemade pancakes with a spring-themed strawberry, rhubarb, and orange maple compote. I found this recipe on one of my favorite, go-to blogs: Design Sponge. These pancakes were DIVINE. When I tasted the sauce I actually (involuntarily) said under my breath, “Oh…wow.” I wish I could have somehow recorded that. Such a genuine moment. I would have posted it on here and all of you would have been sold and making these as we speak. Rhubarb and strawberries are beginning to show up at many farmers’ markets now and I think they are the perfect duo of sweet and tart. These fruits are a balm to the fresh-fruit-deprived winter soul.

I can’t wait to try the other compote recipes for each season.

Later Saturday evening the husb and I enjoyed some pleasure reading, tea, and more treats at one of the coziest coffee shops in Portland.

Such a good read, by the way. Especially for all you writers out there.

For mother’s day we went over to my husband’s parents house in Camas Washington for lunch. Afterward we went antiquing at one of mine and my mother-in-law’s favorite antique stores in Camas. Below are some of the pretties I saw there.

Lovely vintage Jadeite kitchen ware. I want this stuff all over my house.

I love me some taxidermy.

And this is just brilliant…

And these…well they now live in my pantry.

We ended the weekend with some more leisure reading, nail-painting (well not my husband), mojitos, and, not pictured, a little Jim Gaffigan. I love that guy.

My reading was, of course, my monthly anthro eye candy, and martha stewart mags. I’m not ashamed. She has some mind-blowing ideas, folks. Well, she or whoever she pays to come up with them. Check it out, if you aren’t too good for Martha.

Current color: Poppy by American Apparel. I love it. Goes with almost everything and cheers me up on all the gray Portland days.

Feeling very late 1960’s-early 70’s in my old, worn straight-leg levi’s jeans, oversized cream jacket, classic blue button up, thick eye-liner, and pony.

How was your weekend, my friends?



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Green with Envy

The weather yesterday was sheer perfection. Seriously, if it could be 70-75 degrees all the time I’d be a happy girl. Other than Christmas time. I like my sweaters, warm fire, and noble fir christmas trees. But for the rest of the time, I’d love to have weather like we had yesterday. It’s warm enough to wear a skirt with bare legs, a pretty long-sleeved blouse if you want, be outside, and not be sweltering to death.

Needless to say, I have a thing for spring and the outfit I wore yesterday celebrated that. Wore my faithful neutrals with some splashes of color, my new favorite bright green skirt, and my lovely new coral-y, melon lipstick.

bow tied, patterned blouse- vintage (circa 1970s), skirt- clothing swap, skinny braided belt- {link url=""}h&m{/link}

wooden platforms-{link url=""}target{/link}

Like those translucent, white legs? Yeah me too.

gold bangles- mix of vintage and h&m

white drop earrings- local boutique, lipstick- "crosswires" and "pink treat" liner by {link url=""}mac{/link}

The best part about my new green skirt.

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Le Stripe

Here are the rest of shots of the outfit I wore when the husband and I went to Mt. Tabor this weekend. I love Mt. Tabor. It was the first park I visited when I moved to Portland and quickly became a refuge for me. It’s really big, full of tall evergreens, and quiet. A few very familiar things to this pacific northwest island girl. You don’t feel like you’re in the city anymore when you’re at this park. Though I have fallen in love with the city, one of the reasons why I love Portland so much is that we are never far from the great outdoors. And I’m very fond of the great outdoors.

I’m also very fond of stripes. Read below about my inspiration for this outfit.

russian red lips- by {link url=""}mac{/link}

bag- {link url=""}h&m{/link}, ruffly cardigan- {link url=""}anthropologie{/link}, striped shirt-{link url=""}jcrew{/link}, skinnies-{link url=""}levis{/link}, scarf-{link url=""}american apparel{/link}, shoes-{link url=""}modcloth{/link}

dragon red nails by {link url=""}chanel{/link}, vintage rings- gift from husband

Ever since reading about how to dress like a french woman on Joanna’s blog I’ve become even more obsessed with stripes and layers. There is something so stunning about french women. I think it has to be all the classic pieces they wear like stripes, scarves, layering, neutral colors, and, according to Garance Dore, a “sexy detail,” like the tee that falls off a shoulder or a short skirt. Well, Portland Springs’ won’t allow for a short skirt, so I went for my usual swipe of red lipstick instead. I feel more comfortable and confident in that anyway. Plus, all I see is class, comfort, and confidence when I look at pictures of french women. They’re lovely, aren’t they?

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Hey, May

…It’s so good to finally see you!

May means more sun (*crossing fingers*), more bike rides (at least for fair weather riders like myself), new beginnings and endings (congrats again, my friend! so proud of you!), enjoying the outdoors without a million layers on, park lounging and picnicking, ice cream, BBQ-ing,  a very special wedding, and lots of sunny get-a-ways. Ah, I can finally taste Spring.

Mt. Tabor


Bar Bar at Mississippi Studios

Bare arms (!)

The prettiest, secret nook in Portland. Well, I guess it’s not so secret anymore.

The park overlooks our lovely city.

Salted Carmel and Huckleberry heaven.

What are you looking forward to in May, friends?

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