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Things I Like Right Now

Neutral Color Blocking: Does that even count? A serial beige lover can only hope.

Adele: I know, I know. So mainstream. So sue me. I can’t help it…been listening to her non-flipping stop. She’s got mad talent.

Flares! Flares! Flares! from left to right: vanessa jackman, sartorialist & stockholm streetstyle

The bangs I can never have: blunt and adorable.

Wearable heels: I have many pairs of black and fancy heels– that I only bought for and wear on special occasions. I kind of hate them all. So I would like to purchase a nice pair that I won’t be scared of wearing during the day, and will also gussy things up at night. Perhaps something by Rachel Comey? It’s a nice dream.

My favorite street style shot over the past few weeks by The Sartorialist: So pretty.

Madmen: This is no surprise to you I’m sure. All the faint-worthy vintage dresses, the intense drama, relational chaos, the fascinating time period. We are a match made in heaven.

Stripes! via Zara: They are the perfect pattern. Timeless, classy, fresh. What more do you need?

To be a kid again: I’m feeling encouraged to play more. I’m convinced life’s too stressful and short not to.

Weekends: They should all come with an extra day. A day for friends, a day for church, and a day for ourselves. But we take what we can get and make the most of our 2 glorious work-free days. They are precious.

Hope you live it up.

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Things I Like Right Now

Anthropologie letter mugs: I love the ritual of drinking tea every morning with my husband, made even better by a pretty mug.

High-waisted panties: I feel ok eating lots of chocolate in these flattering undies.

Jose-Gonzalez, In Our Nature: I want to put his music in my mouth it’s so good. Been listening to it non-stop.

MAC Russian Red Lipstick: Ultra red, ultra matte, perfect.

RJ’s raspberry soft licorice: I could eat this soft, delicious licorice for breakfast, lunch, and dinner right now. It’s the best. The black is just as good too. If you are one of the few of us who like black licorice.

Swedish Hasbeens: My new obsession with the seventies is encapsulated perfectly by these t-strap clogs.

David’s Bacon Dark Chocolate: Organic, Fair trade, delicious, AND maybe the best chocolate packaging ever! A real treat for the eyes and the mouth. Plus he’s local and its nice and responsible to support your own.

This picture was taken on Valentines. Got it for the hubs.

Succulents: These adorable like freaks of the plant world require little to no maintenance yet I still struggle to keep them alive. That’s how green my thumb is. I also do not happen to live in a climate that these little beauties love and my apartment was built in the 1920s and therefore has no airflow. No airflow = super humid. Succulents don’t do humidity. Needless to say, I think I love them more than they love me and our apartment. I love the variety of shapes and wonderful range of greens. They’re slowly filling up every nook and cranny of our apartment.

JCrew: I’ve never really been one of those people who gushes over JCrew like it’s the best thing since sliced bread, but lately I’ve really been digging the styles. They are getting the¬†grandma-chic thing down. And for that, here’s to JCrew. Love you long time Jenna Lyons.

Coming up for a breath once in a while and telling all the wonderful people in your life how much you love them: Sometimes we get too caught up in our own silly things to remember to do this. I have to remind myself often to do this. It is the most important thing.

Hope you have a lovely weekend.

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